Hello world!

This is my the very first blog post :)

I’ve decided to create a blog like a single storage for all my code snippets, samples, notes and ideas. This will help me to have everything easily searchable and in one location, and avoid syncing text/sql/cs files via DropBox on different machines at work/home.

The blog is using WordPress CMS and a default theme, nothing fancy. The main idea is the information for now, and I prefer to keep things simple, lightweight, and elegant. I will be updating this blog constantly by adding new posts and sharing my insights. This will probably happen when I prepare an interesting post, and not going to stick to regular e.g. daily updates.

While the main reason for this blog is my personal notes storage, however I am making it public just in case someone finds it useful. If you have any ideas, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate and leave me a comment.