.NET Core and KnockoutJS web application

From all different solutions for various problems I’ve implemented in the past I wanted to create a simple web application that I could get back to for reference any time, and this would be a fully working KnockoutJS web application. The idea was to implement a simple client contacts management application using .NET Core 1.1, Entity Framework Core 1.1, KnockoutJS, and MSTest + Jasmine for unit testing.

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Ninject and ASP.NET MVC 5

It has been a while since my last blog post, and I decided to continue series of simple examples of dependency injection (DI). Last time I had an example of not so well known but extremely simple and fast Simple Injector. This time I wanted to replace the Simple Injector with a more popular Ninject, and see if there are any big differences in terms of set up. I chose Ninject mostly just because of the Japan-related name:)

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Simple Injector and ASP.NET MVC 5

Using ASP .NET MVC 5 still has the classical web application project structure (compared against the new MVC 6), and dependency injection (DI) is quite straightforward using a third party library. And to make this process even simpler, I decided to try out Simple Injector. It’s a very simple and fast DI .NET library.

Simple Injector logo
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